Optimum Laboratory, LLC  is driven to provide dependable and timely services to physicians and other health care providers for the benefit of the patients. The quality of specimen has a direct effect on the tests performed at our lab and the results obtained.  Our objective is to meet all your service needs.

Optimum Laboratory, LLC will provide you with all the necessary request forms, courier services, specimen archiving, custom reports, consultation, and much more. All supplies necessary for the submission of specimens to our laboratory will be furnished at no charge. Initially, a Laboratory Representative will bring the appropriate supplies and requisition slips to your office. Our representative will demonstrate the proper use of all materials in order to insure proper submission of specimens and maintain specimen integrity.

Optimum Laboratory, LLC process most tests in-house; however, we have a network of many other reference laboratories that we can send out any tests not performed in house so that you, the client, only have to send specimens to one location.

We perform most tests daily and ensure that results are rapidly available by Internet, fax, or courier. Test results are reported as soon as tests are completed. This is commonly within 24 hours for most tests. Certain esoteric tests are more time consuming than others and require more time for generation of test results.

Optimum Laboratory, LLC services include a broad range of tests in:

General Chemistry
Special Chemistry
Hematology / Urinalysis

​Drug Screening